The United Nations has called for holding accountable those responsible for an air strike targeted the Mazraq camp for displaced people and killed at least 40 people north Yemen.
The Mazraq camp for displaced people near Haradh district in Hajjah province was struck on Monday, humanitarian workers said. Some 200 people were wounded, dozens of them seriously, the International Organization for Migration said.
"We have not identified who is responsible for this attack," U.N. spokesman Farhan Haq said on Tuesday said. "Whichever forces are hitting them are in violation of the law, there should be accountability for that and ultimately all such attacks have to cease."
"Whoever is responsible, this is a violation of international humanitarian and human rights law. This camp, as well as the hospitals that have also been hit, are under protected status and should not be hit," Haq added.
Worth mentioning that the number of displaced families living in the Mazraq camp are estimated at 1,100 families, who had fled from a series of conflicts that took place in the province of Saada during the years 2004-2010.
Video and Transcript.
As you know, Secretary Kerry has called you a brutal dictator. Secretary Kerry! Other people have said worse.

 Does that bother you? Is that an accurate description of you?
Did not erase the past percent of the Armenian massacres of the Ottoman Empire against the memory of their ancestors. Massacres wiped out and a half million Armenians between Al1896 and 1915.
In April 24 of each year remembers the Armenians 600 thinker Armenian martyr Ottoman authorities arrested in April 23, 1915 and executed by the next day. But the irony in the centennial anniversary of the Armenian Genocide coincidence this year, which has not recognized by Turkey after, that the recent celebrates in history appointed the centenary of the Battle of Gallipoli, the battle lasted for months, the Ottoman Empire won by the Allies in the First World War in the March 18, 1915 and marked a turning point for the establishment of the modern Turkish state.
In parallel call state Armenian presidents and leaders of the countries in the world to commemorate the centennial anniversary of the genocide and to attend the canonization of the martyrs ceremony which Atrosaha Catholicos house Kilia Aram I and Catholicos of all Armenians Karekin II in the presence of clergy Armenians, Turkey called on the Heads of State and Government of the 102 countries to participate in the revival of victory over the Allies in Battle of Gallipoli. And after about a month of the actual anniversary of the battle.
Surprising is the choice of history Turkey appointed customary to remember the Armenian genocide: has traditionally been that celebrates the victory of the "Gallipoli" on March 18 and not on April 24.
Deputy Secretary General of the "Party Tashnaq" Avides Gadanien considered in an interview to the site "Libanon Devalt" It's an attempt by the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan "to disrupt the ceremony existing in Armenia to commemorate the genocide, and that puts the finger on the wound, and embarrass the leaders of countries in the invitation Armenian. "
In Gadanien that information, "the two presidents stressed until time attending to Armenia two French Francois Hollande at the head of a delegation of 120 people, and Russian President Vladimir Putin."
If embarrass countries is meant it appears that it has succeeded in Lebanon, because he confirmed Gadanien "President Tammam Salam will send two delegations: the first to Armenia and the second to Turkey. As Speaker Nabih Berri would send a delegation to Armenia only headed by Deputy Prime Farid Makari the House of Representatives.
All the paperwork to accept Lebanese Armenians official Lebanese reaction to the Turkish invitation, as he is Gadanien no right to impose any decision on the state, "The issue of genocide, humanitarian and not sectarian or doctrinal We are not asking for hostility, but the realization of the right and recognition."
But keep them Amnatan: "The first and the presence of President of the Republic represents Lebanon, and the second post presidents personally anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, especially since the Armenians constitute a key component of the Lebanese society and their community is one of the seven basic".
In turn, in an interview to the site "Libanon Devalt," Environment Minister Mohammed Hanged admitted that Armenians orientation, pointing out that the call did not come up to the Cabinet table, but if asked what he thought he would prefer that the "demands Lebanon apology advertiser and official spokesman slide Armenian brothers in citizenship to end an ancient tragedy. "
He believed that the recognition of the massacre needs to be brave and bold Turkish position apologizing for the tragedy has become one of the past, to open a new page between the two neighbors. If it is necessary to the existence of Lebanon in the eyes of the Turkish celebration is the Minister of Environment to demand Butti old page and not to celebrate in parallel provoke partners in the homeland.
In the centenary of the Armenian Genocide will come out of thousands of Armenians, carrying the torch of their martyrs. Bararham hear the voices of their groaning and even today, the voices of the Holocaust, crying and starvation. Erdogan and celebrated the victory of the Ottoman Empire, which ruled more than four hundred years of despotism. Required no denial of history, of course, but what is required is not to repeat it, in many ways, including Vllastbdad conquer souls.

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