Egypt's Presidency stated Sunday that President, Abdel Fattah Al Sisi has called on Egyptians to confront extremism during his interview with Al Quran Al Kareem radio station.
Al Sisi added that Egyptians must face the false destructive doctrines of extremists, stressing that the Islamic world needs a religious revolution to implement the values and teachings of real Islam.
Al Sisi is the first Egyptian president to be interviewed by a religious radio station
The 2022 World Cup final in Qatar will be held on December 18 -- the Gulf state's national day.
The decision was made by FIFA at an executive meeting in Zurich, Switzerland on Thursday.
FIFA, world football's global governing body, decided to move the tournament to the Qatari winter following fears over the intense summer temperatures.
"The Executive Committee today confirmed that the 2022 World Cup will be staged in November/December with the final to be on December 18," FIFA said in a statement.
"In principle, it was agreed that the tournament should be played over a reduced timeframe, for instance 28 days.
"The working group for the international match calendar will meet in due course to finalize the international match calendar for the 2019-2022 cycle."
Since December 2010, when Qatar was given the right to become the first Middle East nation to host the tournament, controversy has raged over the country's suitability to stage the world's biggest sporting event.
Qatar's winning bid was based on the premise it would be held in June and July, but FIFA was forced to backtrack over concerns for the safety of players and spectators.
There have also been accusations of corruption in a voting process that also gave Russia the right to host the 2018 World Cup.
FIFA has absolved both host countries of any wrongdoing, but has yet to make public the report made by the former head of its ethics committee's investigatory panel, Michael Garcia, who last year resigned in protest.
Europe's top clubs have unsuccessfully lobbied FIFA, claiming that the tournament should not be held midway through their season.
The ruling body said the World Cup could not take place in January or February as it would clash with the 2022 Winter Olympics.
When it comes to four-legged thespians, canines have generally achieved a greater level of fame than their feline rivals. We fondly remember Lassie, Benji and Toto, but cats seem to face a steeper path to Hollywood stardom. Blame it on the lack of good roles.
One role, however—the title character in Edgar Allen Poe’s 1843 short story The Black Cat—offered theatrically inclined kitties a chance to break through. In the story, the cat’s owner plasters him into a wall, along with his murdered wife. Eventually, the animal’s mewing from beyond the grave leads investigators to the woman’s body. The film adaptation, which would appear in the 1962 horror compilation Tales of Terror, adjusted the storyline by weaving in elements of another Poe tale.
Exactly 152 cats showed up for the audition, all of them “considerably less nervous than their owners.” Several were disqualified thanks to white paws or noses, but even for those left in the running, the day left dreams largely dashed. The lead role, it turned out, had already been filled by “a well-known professional cat.” Seven lucky extras, selected on account of having the meanest looking faces, were chosen as understudies.
Their owners, whose ambitions for their pets might just have exceeded those of the pets themselves, couldn’t help but let superstition get the best of them. Although they acted naturally around their own cats, “many took pains not to let any strange black cats cross their paths.”

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