Egypt’s Grand Mufti Shawqi Allam released a statement Monday condemning the taking of hostages by an unknown militant in a café in Sydney, Australia.
The mufti said in his statement that “such an act of terror does not fall under the teachings of Islam, which calls for co-existence and peace”.
The mufti warned against “using this terrorist act to spread hatred towards Muslims” in Australia and elsewhere.
At least one gunman has held up to 30 hostages inside the Lindt Café in Sydney’s central business district. The hostages had been held since 9:45am local time inside the café. Five hostages, three males and two female Lindt waitresses, have since left the café, but whether they escaped or were released remains unknown.
The gunman forced two of those held in captivity to display a black flag with the Islamic creed (Shahada) written on it, which sparked fears of possible links to militant groups in the Middle East.
Armed police forces surrounded the location and are making all efforts to end the siege “peacefully” said Catherine Burn, deputy commissioner of the New South Wales Police to the media.
Different religious community leaders have gathered at the Lakemba Mosque in Sydney to pray for the hostages.
At the time of printing, the siege was still ongoing and there were no reported casualties.
Scientists open in Field Museum in Chicago, Illinois, USA, a coffin containing the mummy of an Egyptian boy to a 14-year-old named "Minardes", and for the first time since the discovery of the ark in the twenties of the last century.
The scientists found in the coffin on the son of a priest is still wrapped in cloth embalming, which now turning color to yellow and Altha a lot of dust, and where the boy was buried about 500 years before the birth of Christ.
Fuss with it for the scientists was that the boy's body lying in a very long time, make it impossible to remove the shroud from his face or his body, fearing that breaks down immediately to dust and dust.
So toes is was the only part that can be seen by scientists, having opened his coffin for the first time since his untimely death.
Lifted the coffin lid fragile
One of the scientists involved in the open coffin World Archaeological JP Brown from the "Field" Museum in Chicago, and three other scientists, they used only metal clasps been great precision measurements mode, to lift the coffin lid fragile, while preventing journalists from approaching and were allowed to take pictures from a distance.
Has been uncovered about the mummy on Friday operation in the fifth month of December (December) of this, part of a project initiated by scientists at the museum to preserve the mummy son "Minardes", the son of one of the most senior priests in the time of his death.
Restoration operations maintain stability
The need mummy to perform restoration operations maintain stability, so that they can travel to the exhibition "Mummies: Photos of the afterlife," expected residence in the month of September of the next year (2015) at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles City, and also is expected to travels to the Museum of the Mummy "Denver" of nature and science in the fall of 2016.
The Field Museum in Chicago has received the mummy since the twenties of the last century, when received from the Chicago Historical Society, the mummy is part of the full range of Egyptian mummies in the museum's 30 mummy.
By / d. Saad Eddin Ibrahim

Muslim Brotherhood did not realize, nor were hoping to inherit the group of Salafists that Egyptian society has changed qualitatively since the revolution of January 25, 2011. Egyptians have to break the wall of fear of authority, whether religious authority, or the power of time, after six thousand years, was afraid the symbol of this power, the Pharaoh was or authority, or president of the Commander of the Faithful!
The whole Egyptian people as politicized, which became all people care about public affairs, outside of themselves and their families outside, and outside the villages, and out of the streets and neighborhoods and cities in which they reside. And became the subject of this year, is the whole of Egypt, if not with the Arab world as a whole. Any attention to this is no longer the preserve of public affairs or a monopoly ten percent of the elite who are at the top of society, also used in the last hundred years.
Most Egyptians have become, for the reasons mentioned above, more willing to participate in the drafting of public affairs. As evidenced by their eagerness to vote in referendums and general elections, and would stand in queues for hours, without weariness or boredom, to cast their ballots, on four occasions during the three years that followed the January 2011 revolution.
Because the members of the Muslim Brotherhood have been minds laundering, and flattening brains, during the course of recruitment, no longer worked their minds, from the length of Tmrshm behavior of obedience to their leaders, they believe everything that comes to them from these leaders, even if it's a fairy tale, or extraordinary! Including a willingness to throw themselves doom, and believing that martyrdom in the cause of God, and that their fate, which no doubt is a paradise, to dwell therein for ever!
Brotherhood leaders also hit in recent years organizational arrogance. For example, they are often exaggerated in their abilities on the packaging and the crowd. So transgressed in calling Alumblyonyat mass. And their servants in the considerations:
First, not by small segments of public opinion was sympathetic with them, either in the belief that they are the people of piety and devout and repair, either because they were in the times of the pre-revolution of January 25 victims of abuse and injustice in previous eras where corruption and tyranny prevailed.
Second, the GSPC, and other jihadist groups that emerged from the Brotherhood's abaya, or from the warehouse worsted, was in the habit would support the Muslim Brotherhood in any confrontation with authority, especially if the group raised the banner of Islam or Sharia law in this confrontation. So when he called on the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafist jihadist to Magdy Rady demonstrations on Friday, November 28, 2014, took the organs of the State reserves in anticipation of unexpected violence that day. But the surprise of the security services, and observers, and perhaps the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafis themselves, many citizens did not respond to this call. Nor to supplement the call the next day on Saturday 29 November And goes normal life quiet in two days, across the country of Egypt, with the exception of limited childish demonstrations in the neighborhoods of the rain and the pyramid and Shubra in Greater Cairo, in the governorates of Fayoum and Eastern, fell in three deaths, and about thirty wounded, security men and Islamists, a Friday least Victims since the 25 revolution in January
The bottom line is that the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafis invitations to pretend, or sit, or confrontation with security forces, no longer received a response from the majority of Egyptians, either for lack of sympathy with the Islamists, or fatigue and exhaustion revolutionary people during the last four years, which is what happened in other revolutions, in Russia, Iran and the countries of Eastern Europe. Political leaders Prudential well aware of that, did not go overboard in inviting people to come out or to sacrifice for the sake of the revolution or for the sake of principles declared (such as living and freedom, dignity, and social justice), or for the sake of the community and the party.
A number of local and international observers, they would have noticed that none of the victims and martyrs of the revolution, a son, or brother, relatives of the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood. As if it were martyrs for God or the group is only a general duty of Brotherhood members, and not from their own leaders or their relatives of relatives.
Therefore, we note that the lack of response was not only limited to on 28 and November 29, 2014, but it included all calls strike and sit-in during the last year, especially since the break up Aatsamy a field Rabi'a (east of Cairo) and Renaissance (Giza) in August 2013. It seems that the lack of popular response hit Brotherhood more frustration, doubled floundering leadership, and random decisions in recent times, which is what enticed GSPC, act and talk as if they are not brothers, power of attorney holders to talk on behalf of the Islamic trend, not only in Egypt, but also in the rest of the Muslim world Indonesia to the east, to the west Nigeria.
However, the Salafist Group did not succeed in its bid to take the lead, which they had taken the initiative to call for Mleoniat November 28, which came in response to a very humble, as we have seen. Perhaps the fact of the matter is that the majority of Egyptians have gained a psychological and spiritual immunity, against all calls cursing them suspicious trading religion. It could be argued, and so, that the cry of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafis, and Aaslammah on 28 and November 29, 2014, was the last Sihthm, at least in the lives of this generation, that is, it will not do them politically significant or effect List, over the next ten years.
 Does not mean that they will disappear from the public stage, but they will not be the first power, nor the second, nor the third. We have seen an indication of that in the sister Tunisia a few weeks ago, where he lost Ennahda, the opposite of the Tunisian Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.
God knows ..

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