Told "Reuters" officials said that many of the key countries supporting the International Criminal Court will ignore the call on Israel to stop its funding of the court in response to a commission of inquiry into possible war crimes in the Palestinian territories.
And prevents the continued support of countries offering more than one-third of the financing of the Court (including Germany, Britain and France) without stopping its activities, the first permanent court in the world to look into war crimes.
Without this financial support, and the court based in The Hague would be unable to pay its employees at a time when already facing financial difficulties.
Court was established to hold accountable the leaders of the world to the crimes that are not punishable in their country.
Were it not for this funding was unable to proceed in cases such as those held against Kenyan Vice President William Ruto, former Ivory Coast, Laurent Gbagbo, and the leader of the Ugandan rebel Dominic Ongwen.
Prosecutors raised the International Tribunal Israel anger this month when they said they will examine any crimes possibly committed since June last in the Palestinian territories, paving the way for a possible charges against the Israelis or the Palestinians.
He said Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said Israel is making efforts to persuade countries to stop funding for the court, which he described as "a political institution."
He pointed out that he and other Israeli officials will focus their efforts on Germany, Canada, Japan and Australia.
While not welcome a lot of members in 122 countries into the court case involving the politically charged conflict in the Middle East and the concomitant diplomatic complications, a large number of major governments have funded said it will continue to provide financial support.
Developed countries and economic progress in Europe and northern Asia, most of the Court's budget amounting to 141 million euros a year ($ 158 million). Comes more than half of the funding from the seven major donors.
* Paramount importance
The German government has said is the second largest donor to the court and contributed to about one tenth of its budget in 2014 that she "can not imagine" to cut off funding.
The French, British and Italian officials - said their governments and occupies respectively third, fourth and fifth rank on the list of the biggest donors to the Court Reuters - that their government's policies in this regard will not change.
As Canada's largest seventh-funded court said she does not reconsider its policy in light of the request for Lieberman.
And threw a Palestinian masses and Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird eggs in a recent visit to the West Bank because of his pro-Israel stance.
She declined all of Japan's biggest contributors to the budget of the Court and provided 20.4 million euros in 2014, and Spain, which occupies sixth place among funders to comment.
Said a European diplomat who requested anonymity because of the sensitivity issue: "countries that support the court will continue to support," he said. "We respect the independence of the Court and the ICC prosecutor."
A spokesman for the International Criminal Court, it expects Member States to continue to cooperate fully with them, and act according to the obligations of the treaty that established the court under.
Supporting Criminal Court states refuse to call on Israel to halt its funding
He added: "To protect the independence of the judiciary and the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court is very important."
In spite of the complexity of things because many of the Member States allies of Israel, the withdrawal of support for the Court rejected for many members. And look to the International Criminal Court as an extension of the Nuremberg trials of Nazi leaders after World War II.
Said Kevin Jon Heller, a professor at the School of Oriental and African University of London Studies, said that "part of Germany's support for the International Criminal Court is a way to atone for committed before 70 years of international crimes of the kind that the International Criminal Court was established to deal with him."
Decline in activities of the Court
However, the court, which was founded 12 years ago financially strapped. Increasing numbers of cases heard by the court, including investigations in six African countries, while the Member States do not seem prepared to increase their financial contributions to be little in the light of the economic problems faced at home.
The decline in activity court after demobilization number of employees in the past year to provide more jobs that focus on dealing with the issues being dealt with. Have also been reduced legal aid budget has raised complaints from the defense lawyers.
And is expected to increase the burden on the budget with the arrival of Ugandan rebel leader Ongwen to court recently unexpectedly, which prosecutors will have to resort to the contingency fund.
The representative of the former claim to Reuters on condition of anonymity, said that it is unlikely in the current situation that the Court have the resources to be able to investigate more closely in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the next three years.
The International Criminal Court prosecutor's office: "There are no timetables" for the duration of the first investigation.
This investigation comes after the collapse of a case against Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta in December / December last year after prosecutors dropped charges of committing crimes against humanity for lack of evidence, and said they faced obstacles from the Kenyan government has not been able to overcome.
Another diplomat said: "The plaintiffs enter themselves in a similar case to the issue of Kenya. In the end, the case will not be effective if Israel did not cooperate."
However, a number of legal experts said it would be wise to Israel cooperate in the preliminary investigation which will determine whether serious crimes enough to be subjected to the Statute of the Court has not been investigated before.
If Israel conducted a credible criminal investigations into possible crimes committed by its forces, the ICC will not establish a parallel suit.
But for Israel, even this possibility would be unacceptable.
He says an Israeli former military lawyer, said that little would accept the charges against officials in front of the Israeli judiciary to avoid the trial of the International Criminal Court.
He added: "We will tell our soldiers are ready to risk our lives, but we are not ready to treat as criminals."
Quiet diplomacy approach traditionally taken by Saudi Arabia that, the new king vows to maintain continuity but regional variables about Saudi Arabia could lead to repercussions stressful on diplomacy.
he new king, who inherits the throne, will inherit the same time, the impact of regional variables that what Artdadadtha Kingdom continues to threaten.
Secretary of the family, according to the common surname, warned at the opening of the Shura Council, a few weeks ago, the regional unprecedented challenges as he put it, and warned of the repercussions of what he described as a quagmire of civil wars that ravaged the neighboring countries.
The warning came a day after the death of the commander of the northern border guards, at the hands of "Daash" group that had infiltrated from Iraq. But other groups are terrorist acts in Saudi Arabia, do not sneak across the border, but back from the battle fronts out of bounds, or go to.
In this regard, the risk of terrorist groups that threaten Saudi Arabia seems, is greater than that exceed the security measures at the border, or the internal security control measures.
This challenge, it can get worse, according to the expectations of the Saudis in the next stage, especially if Saudi Arabia did not looking for a political solution in Iraq and Syria, to reduce the growth of terrorist groups, and stave off the risk of the elements to Saudi Arabia and others.
In the neighborhood in close to Saudi Arabia, Yemen open crisis threatens the prospects for various, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Cooperation Council Balsra and thin, but this crisis is Bdzo including diplomacy as a result of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Cooperation Council, which bet on solutions in Yemen, found that it generated an explosion of crisis sharply, no doubt that Artdadadtha exceed the Yemeni border, local parties.
Saudi Arabia's traditional approach in the quiet diplomacy, perhaps overtaken by regional variables and the nature of the risks for the region and each country individually.
Perhaps the most important challenges facing Saudi Arabia, is the challenge of harmonizing its diplomacy with variables, in the transition from the traditional approach to effective diplomacy.
"Complaints against him and the campaign of signatures to honor him" .. Thus follows the former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, the events of the fourth anniversary of the revolution against his regime, on January 25 of this in 2011, which led to the stepping down from the rule of the country in February 11 of the year itself.
Mubarak trapped in a military hospital on the Cairo Nile, waiting, according to his lawyer Farid Al-Deeb in previous statements, the anniversary of January 25, to apply to the Attorney General, for his release, after being acquitted in the issues that were locked in, and acceptance of veto in the case of the end Others spent the duration of the penalty prescribed her.
Monday, heading a number of activists, to the Attorney General Judge Hisham Barakat, in his office at the High Court (the main court complex in downtown Cairo), to follow up on complaints filed yesterday, to demand the trial of former President Hosni Mubarak, in several cases.
A statement issued by the activists, that "the communications included the claim investigation with Mubarak in several related issues, the killing of demonstrators, and graft, and torture in prisons."
Said Tariq are good lawyer, told Anatolia that the "three public figures (did not specify the identity) heading later in the day, to meet with the Attorney General, to follow up communications filed yesterday, which called for the need to re-Mubarak trial again in several cases, because of the responsibility for a number of crimes that took place in his reign. "
And based on legal memorandum, which was submitted to the Attorney General, to the decision of former President Mohamed Morsi, on the Protection of the Revolution, and in force since November 22, 2012, where he came to Article first "Notwithstanding the provisions of Article 197 of the Criminal Procedure Code, returned investigations into the murder and attempted murder and wounding demonstrators, as well as crimes against the use of force, violence, threats and intimidation on the personal freedom of the citizen, under the provisions of the Penal Code, committed by both took political or executive position, under the previous regime (Mubarak) system, that investigations include indigenous actors and shareholders of all the images in those crimes, crimes are committed against the martyrs and the revolution of January 25, within the scope of the crimes stipulated in the penal code. "
The list of activists who applied Communications "coalition of the Democratic mainstream" component of dignity parties (Nasseri), and the Constitution (liberal), and the Popular Alliance Socialist (left-wing), and popular current (left-wing), and Egypt freedom (liberal), and Justice (liberal), in addition to some public figures such as Ahmed El-Borai and former Minister of solidarity, and George Isaac, a member of the National Council for human Rights, and labor bloc led by the left-wing activist Kamal Abbas.
It is the same place made by activists Communications, preempted a group calling itself the "sons of Mubarak", last Wednesday, communications, launched a campaign to collect signatures to demand honoring the former president.
Under the title "campaign honoring President Mubarak," the supporters collecting signatures passers-by, in order to honor him after his release.
Included forms that seen by a reporter Anatolia 0.10 achievements Mubarak, ranging from the military and political history, and his role in the October / October 1973 war, and that the owner of the first air strike, and free Sinai (north-east of the country), and army building.
Also included Mubarak's achievements, his ability to Astbab safety and security and the economy, and the survival of the state's prestige and dignity for 30 years, and projects carried out.
The student organizers of the campaign, the Egyptian state and the people to "apologize to Mubarak", and the establishment of a major ceremony to honor him for what they described as the "great achievements", stressing that "the honor and national duty to every Egyptian."
Coordinated campaign, arrows Hashim, said in a press statement, "Mubarak, a man and a national first-class."
It continued: "The campaign is gathering signatures for a nationwide demanding honored Mubarak, we will go to those signatures to state officials to convince them this honor," noting that "if the state did not respond to our request, Fsnzhb these signatures to President Mubarak, and accept his hands Thank you for what submitted to Egypt and its people, and to know that many people love him and Aahqouna. "
And went on: "Snjub all governorates of Egypt to gather signatures, and I've already went to Monofiya (Nile Delta / north-Muscat Mubarak head) for this purpose."
Recall that in November 29 last, ruled the Cairo Criminal Court, upon the expiry of criminal proceedings against Mubarak and his two sons and Hussein Salem (a close friend of it), in the case of financial corruption, the lapse of time, and acquitted Mubarak in the case of exporting gas to Israel, and ruled against his view of the criminal case against him in the case of the killing of demonstrators, because it is already an order tacit not face criminal prosecution by the public prosecutor.
While the court ruled on January 13 th, to accept the appeal on the rule of jailed former President Hosni Mubarak for a period of 3 years, in the case known in the media as the "presidential palaces", with a re-trial.
According to legal sources, it is expected to release Mubarak, in the case of "presidential palaces", after serving his sentence.

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